A Ground Installation


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Dao Droste, a native Vietnamse artist, living in Germany since 1971,
shows a ground installation of approx. 500 life-size human faces of earthenware, in the widely constituting
a plea for open.mindedness and tolerance as a basis for living together of human beings


Open-Mindedness in Karlsruhe   Open-Mindedness in Straßburg   Open-Mindedness in Crailsheim  
Crypt of the City Church
Karlsruhe May/June 1999
Cloister of the Church Saint Pierre le Jeune
Strasbourg Sept/Oct 1999
Crailsheim's Townmuseum
March/Mai 2000
Open-Mindedness in Frankfurt   Chapelle Salpêtrière   Gallery Municipal of Reutlingen  
Dominican monastery Frankfurt
Sept/Oct 2000
Chapelle Salpêtrière, Paris
April 2001
Gallery Municipal of Reutlingen
Oct 2001/March 2002